Friday, May 19, 2017

We're in London!

It's hard to believe we are in London, England!

We got up to have a continental breakfast, which was so good - bread, cheeses, cereal, jam, pastries, yogurt, and fruit. We loaded up the bus and headed to Windsor Castle where the Queen lives! We had a lot of fun exploring and learning a lot of history, including stories of Henry VIII. Then we grabbed a quick lunch and were back on the road to visit the Tower of London. There we saw the Crown Jewels, got a glimpse of the Changing of the Guards, and explored St. George's Chapel. My favorite part about today was experiencing the history of Windsor Castle and learning about how the monarchy came to be! After our second group tour, our Western group (Western is traveling with a couple other Midwest colleges on this trip) ventured off on our own using the Tube - and we survived!
Written by Andrea Hanson

While at the Tower of London, it was incredible to see the differences in buildings between each time period. With a quick glace it was hard to notice differences since they did such an incredible job, but there were differences between the color of the stones, how the stones were laid out, and of course different building styles when you looked closely. It was also interesting to learn about how items/events earned their names, like how the British Order of the Garter gained its name through a mishap during some dancing at a celebration. This trip has been amazing so far! It is amazing to see how people are able to build upon the past and change to new situations they face. I am looking forward to seeing Wales and experiencing more diverse people and viewpoints than I would normally encounter. As a future nurse, I feel this is important to help me prepare for a career. The medical field is always changing and adapting with new information.
Written by Sarah Mckittrick