Saturday, May 20, 2017

From Bus to Train to Wales

Just a couple days before we venture home. We are now in Cardiff, Wales. Our travel consisted of a double decker bus ride from our hotel to the train station--a thrilling adventure for all--and a two-hour train ride from Paddington Station to Cardiff Central. The train ride to Cardiff featured beautiful views and also gave us a chance to rest up before exploring. We were most surprised by the many long tunnels that we went through. Upon arriving, we took out maps and planned our short visit to Cardiff.

The visit consisted of a nice, breezy walk to Cardiff Bay. It was a stunning view with boats and beautiful swans. After viewing the bay for a while, we hailed a taxi and were off to the Cardiff Market on St. Mary's street. There were many stores and restaurants. Arcades here are allies full of shops--not games. We were all amazed by one store in particular. It consisted of beautiful artwork by a local artist, and a few of us just had to make a purchase because it was too amazing to pass up.

Speaking of differences between cultures, we also learned first-hand that lemonade here is our Sprite. Also, our French fries are their chips. If you want actual chips, you should order crisps. We also enjoyed seeing the Welsh language around us since all of the signs in Cardiff were written in both Welsh and English.

After a train ride back to London (Wherein we got bumped up to first class!), we agreed that being in London has helped us get out of comfort zones when it comes to public transportation. To pay for the bus ride, we've learned to tap our oyster card on the pad. An oyster card is an equivalent to a prepaid transportation card. We also learned about the main bus lines that run near our hotel. We feel better prepared to explore London on our own, and between having used the Tube and the bus system during our stay, our worries of getting lost have decreased substantially.

We are all looking forward to visiting the Stonehenge and Bath (just outside of London) tomorrow. The views and learning opportunities will be vast, and we cannot wait to explore and gain more knowledge while studying abroad.

Written by Lisa Morris and McKayla Haldorson