Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Edinburgh, Scotland Adventures

It’s been quite the adventure so far! We embarked on our journey on May 14, 2017. The day consisted of three different flights. We arrived in Glasglow, Scotland on May 15, 2017. Upon going through customs, we hopped on a bus for an hour and a half drive to Edinburgh, Scotland. We hit the ground running once we arrived and took of tour of the Royal Mile by the Edinburgh Castle. Then we explored some local shops and were a tad drenched. Luckily, we were able to dry up a bit during lunch at Deacon’s House Café.

By the end of the first day in Scotland, we were all exhausted, but we rallied the next day and had a blast. We had a guided bus tour of New Town, immersed ourselves with the locals, took a nice hike up the Holyrood Park (Arthur's Seat) in a drizzle, and then finished the day with a Walking Literary Tour. The tour was very insightful and gave us some great poetry and history of Edinburgh. Before the New Town in Edinburgh was built around the 1700’s, the rich and poor all lived together in the Old Town. Later though, once New Town was completed, the rich moved there and left the poor in the squalor's and unsanitary conditions of Old Town. Fun fact: New Town is older than the United States of America.

We are grateful for our experience thus far. It has been enlightening and inspiring. We look forward to using the cultural information we have gathered to make us better and safer travelers while in Scotland and during our stay in London, England.

One of the best tips we have gained is to make sure we are always paired up with one another. This helps ensure we don’t get lost and to make sure we are watching out for each other.

Written by McKayla Haldorson and Lisa Morris