Tuesday, January 24, 2017

People of Western - Adam Lenser

Adam Lenser is in the Bio-medical Electronics Program at Western Technical College. In addition to being a full-time student, Adam is also very involved on campus. He is an instructor’s assistant, volunteer in the Cavalier Cupboard and student leader for Western’s Department of Community Engagement, and employee at the Union Market. In addition to growing up “around good people and a good family,” Adam has also found a strong support system in his co-workers: “My coworkers have become a family to me.” Not only does Adam view Western’s environment as one that is close-knit, but also the instructors are enthusiastic about their work and supportive of their students. Adam says, “I think that being at Western has helped improve who I am and has made me a better version of myself.”

People of Western - Tyler Schoh

Tyler Schoh is currently in the ASLA program at Western and is planning to transfer to Iowa State University next fall, where he knows he will declare a coaching minor. In addition to being a student, Tyler also plays on Western’s basketball team. The basketball team and Tyler’s family are his strongest support systems: “My family is very close and supportive…They have always pushed me and that has made me who I am today.” Tyler aspires to become a Division I basketball coach and take his team to the NCAA tournament. His family has been a huge influence on those future goals “…a family tradition would be sports…My mom always likes to tell the story about my first steps being on a basketball court.” Tyler sees his experience at Western as one that has “rightfully challenged” him, allowed him to meet great people, provided him with many different experiences, and prepared him to be successful at a four-year university.

People of Western - Beth Filla

Beth (Elizabeth) Filla will be graduating from Western Technical College this April in the Landscape Horticulture program. Beth will be the first in her family to attend college, so a degree from Western is an important accomplishment to her and her family. Her family is her number one support system, and as the oldest of four, she strives to set a positive example for her younger brothers. Beth has enjoyed her Western experience, “There are so many kind and friendly people on campus that you kind of become a family here at Western,” and has enjoyed making perspective students feel welcome on campus, leading campus tours as a Western Scout. In addition to her Scout experience, Leah Durnim-Hoover has been a major influence on Beth since coming to Western: “Seeing the way she interacts with the students every day—I want to be that type of person one day.” Beth looks forward to continuing her education and is considering a Master’s degree in Student Affairs Administration.

People of Western - Ryan John Crain

Ryan is very involved as a student at Western Technical College. He is a member of the Men’s Basketball team, president of the Cavalier Athletic Volunteer Society, and a very motivated and successful student. He is currently enrolled in the ASLA program and plans to transfer to a four-year university to complete a Bachelor’s degree. Ryan is influenced by his connection to family and his heritage. His brother, Chris, is an important support system in his life and someone who played a significant role in instilling Ryan with a strong work ethic, sense of responsibility, and desire to do well academically. In addition to family influences, being on the basketball team and making friends at Western has contributed to Ryan’s personal development and college experience. “I only wanted to stay for a semester until I have the credits and grade point to transfer, but after having the experiences, meeting all these people, making friends, making the basketball team—I wanted to stay for another year.”

People of Western - Andrea Clark

Andrea Clark will be graduating from the Human Services Associate program in April 2016. Her family is a big influence in her life and she has a large support system between her family, her networks and friends at Western Technical College. Andrea believes these networks have been pivotal in her success as a student: “When you have people like that in your corner, how can you not succeed?” Andrea looks forward to sharing her story with others and aspires to educate people about how to help others who are living with disabilities: “That is one of my biggest challenges, is letting people know that just because I have a disability doesn’t mean I am different and you can’t treat us different.” To accomplish this, she hopes to one day write a book and/or be a public speaker.

People of Western - Shainah Carlson

Shainah Carlson, is originally from Roswell, New Mexico and is in two IT programs at Western Technical College. Although she has faced financial problems, she has worked hard and found ways to overcome this barrier and be successful academically. Shainah used Western’s student resources, instructors, and advice from mentors to work towards her degree from Western. Shainah said, “Remember, every instructor is willing to help you and wants you to do your very best with the load that you carry…Western provides the building blocks for success—for a bright future.” Shainah aspires to work in the IT Department at Kwik Trip or Dairyland Power. She also looks forward to gaining a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree: “My degree from Western is the building block that all this is going to fall on and is the base that is going to hold me up.” Shainah looks forward to staying connected with the support systems she has built at Western: “My support system that is at Western will never go away as long as I am willing to keep the connections. I am willing to hold on to these support systems…”

People of Western - Nicole Marshall

Nicole Marshall is a student in Western’s Criminal Justice Program. Following advice from her coach and friends around La Crosse is what brought her to Western Technical College. She has enjoyed getting to know her instructors and peers and has enjoyed her experience at Western: “…it’s just a good learning environment because you get to know everybody around you. You get to feel comfortable. You get to feel safe.” In addition to her positive experiences as a student, Nicole also plays basketball and volleyball. Nicole said, “Getting to play basketball, I’ve met so many awesome girls and my coaches were fantastic…” Coach Chad and Nicole’s instructors have been a huge support system and help in pursuing her academic and professional goals. In five years, Nicole hopes to be working in the criminal justice field: “I just want to make whatever community I end up being in a better place.”