Tuesday, January 24, 2017

People of Western - Shainah Carlson

Shainah Carlson, is originally from Roswell, New Mexico and is in two IT programs at Western Technical College. Although she has faced financial problems, she has worked hard and found ways to overcome this barrier and be successful academically. Shainah used Western’s student resources, instructors, and advice from mentors to work towards her degree from Western. Shainah said, “Remember, every instructor is willing to help you and wants you to do your very best with the load that you carry…Western provides the building blocks for success—for a bright future.” Shainah aspires to work in the IT Department at Kwik Trip or Dairyland Power. She also looks forward to gaining a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree: “My degree from Western is the building block that all this is going to fall on and is the base that is going to hold me up.” Shainah looks forward to staying connected with the support systems she has built at Western: “My support system that is at Western will never go away as long as I am willing to keep the connections. I am willing to hold on to these support systems…”