Thursday, May 25, 2017

We're Home!

Our study abroad group returned from our tour of Edinburgh, Scotland; London, England; and Cardiff, Wales, on Tuesday, May 23. Except for one pair of nursing students, the group was made up of students who did not know each other before the trip, but they all had a few things in common:  they were excited to travel outside of the country, they were ready to experience new things, and they were looking forward to broadening their horizons. We returned home with wonderful experiences and the kind of close friendships that are established during travel and adventures. It’s safe to say that the trip was a success on all fronts.

Here are some reflections from a couple of grateful (and weary) students:

"This trip has truly opened my eyes to all the differences between cultures and people of the world. We have learned so much rich history, which often links to U.S. history, during our entire time in Edinburgh, London and Wales. This trip has made me a more confident person with not being afraid to try new things (like Haggis and a Falafel), and knowing that using public transportation to get around an unfamiliar area is not as difficult or scary as it may seem. Nine times out of ten, there is a very friendly person I can ask if I need anything. I plan to use all that I have learned in my career as a registered nurse. This trip will helped me to take a small peek into another country's life and lifestyles. Despite different cultures, histories, or cuisine, we are all humans. I can go into any situation open-minded and ready to help any person at any time. Thank you to all of our incredible tour guides, our awesome travel companions, and advisor Linda Duffy for pushing us out of our comfort zones. Lastly, thank you to Western Technical College for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! I will always keep this awesome experience in mind when I become afraid throughout my life to help me remember that we did this, together, and can get through any situation that comes along."
--Andrea K Hanson

"Growing up on a small dairy farm, I never thought I would ever get the opportunity to travel overseas, but I'm thankful I did. The trip was amazing! There is so much history to be found around every corner—from a small pub with a local legend to a large museum with a collection from all over the world. Not only were the scenery and history amazing, but so were all of the people we met along the way, from the wonderful Edinburgh taxi driver to our amazing tour guide, Lewis, and all of the folks in between. A special shout out to my roommates who made this trip even more memorable and to their thoughtful kindness along the way! I'll never forget the old stone streets of Edinburgh and lush city parks of London. Thank you so much to everyone who worked to make this trip possible!"
--Sarah McKittrick